Makescape Team In New York


The Makescape team ventured to New York City to supervise the installation of Oztoc: an interactive multitouch physical computing game where children construct lighted circuits to lure biolumiscent fish from the depths of a lagoon. The game is a research collaboration co-led by Matthew Berland at UW-Madison and Leilah Lyons at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). Together with UW-Madison postdoctoral research associate Brian Danielak and NYSCI research specialist Rebecca Eydt, LGN developers Mike Beall and Devon Klompmaker spent a day at NYSCI installing the Oztoc game in its new home.


Oztoc represents a leap forward in game and museum exhibit design. For the first time that we know of, researchers will have real-time access to multiple modes of data. Cameras placed around the exhibit capture video and audio data on how children play. But, much like the game itself, more complexity lurks beneath the surface. Oztoc is the first museum exhibit to run ADAGE, LGN’s in-game platform for collecting electronic telemetry data on the state of the game environment and the moves children make within it. For the first time, researchers will be able to coordinate digital log data from ADAGE with audio and video data from the museum cameras, enabling new ways of capturing and analyzing the complexity of playful learning

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