Our Mission:
By identifying and partnering with organizations that are working to create, research and disseminate game-based learning tools, the Learning Games Network amplifies the impact of these organizations and broadens access to high-quality educational games for learners at every age.


LGN is a not for profit organization that works to advance the field of game- based learning by enabling and promoting cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations capable of realizing innovation on a broad scale and leveraging the ubiquity of digital media in a manner that benefits the public good.

Recognizing that current approaches to creating and disseminating innovations and new tools that may help solve key societal challenges is often inefficient, LGN works to leverage the talents and resources of the game-based learning community. LGN identifies and partners with a variety of organizations, who become "nodes on the network," and help these partners define and develop their unique contributions to maximize local and collective impact.


LGN's assessment of the current landscape is that there is too much funding for, and research and development on, gaming that is being done in an uncoordinated fashion that results in overlapping efforts, silos of research, and products that (however good) never reach their intended audiences at scale. Moreover, the development of policy and the ability to target funding towards well-informed policy choices is absent from the current system.

By compiling knowledge about prior and existing efforts in the field-be it formal research or informal stories of successes and failures-LGN helps translate disparate sources of data into usable evidence about game-based learning efforts and assists creators in bringing high quality products to market at scale.


Whether used in formal or informal educational settings, in the workplace, or at home, games can significantly help people acquire new knowledge and complex skills, thereby advancing learning opportunities for people of all ages and improve outcomes across a broad spectrum of society. LGN works with developers, researchers, content experts, learning specialists and the learners themselves to develop transformative games that entertain. Please explore our games and software on our partner sites: Learning Games Studios and GLS Studios